Saturday, July 29, 2017

7 Facebook Tips And Tricks You Need To Learn Now

July 29, 2017

Facebook tips and tricks can make me perfect :
facebook tips and tricks

Hi friends , thanks for reaching my post . Facebook is an great social network to get connect will all people, who got their own account . this is the great thing invented by " Mark Zukerberg" it is great honor to him . started at the facebook developed a lot but we even don't know about some facebook tips and tricks in facebook network.

Some tricks were explored to the world to solve some problems faced by people who use facebook frequently.

Get Copy of History of your Profile :

We are using facebook from few months , facebook will record all your history like browser in an operating system. we even don't know some facebook secret tricks still now , we know that facebook will store all the images , videos, some text that we post in our profile.

If you want to download all your history you did before in your profile. facebook will offer you to download all the history you did in facebook.

If you need your history then go to "Settings -> General -> Download a Copy of Data" at the bottom of settings.

This feature is useful when you think to Delete you facebook account permenently.

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How to stop Auto playing videos :

All the facebook users will get irritation with Auto playing videos becuase of when videos get auto played they will get charged more data.

So some new facebook tricks 2017 will clear that problem to get rid off that bloddy Auto playing videos.

If you want to stop auto playing videos, use this option to turn it off.  Settings -> Videos -> now you see Auto Switcher to turn it off.

Get access to account when your account got locked :

It was the major problem that we get forget our password , and when we loged in from some other loptop facebook will lock you for some security purposes .

Then we don't know to get out of that problem, here are some facebook tricks and secrets to get out of that Problem.

The only solution is you friends in your facebook account, ya it's true that your friends will help you see how they can.

Go to Settings -> Security and login -> There you will see setting up extra security to solve your locked account . you have to select 3 - 5 friends from your friends list to solve this problem.

Get Notified when you got unrecognised logins :

People were get panic about hacking , and they get worry about hack facebook account . so that people must use this some tips and tricks facebook to get notifications of that logins.

You have to do settings in Settings -> Security and login -> There you will see Setting up extra security to get notifications of unrecognised logins. you have to turn on that settings.

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Need to know about who cancelled your friend requests :

If you send friend request to a new girl you saw at morning in your college campus . we can't notify that that girl accepted or not our friend request . if you want to know that follow bellow steps.
  • Open your Facebook profile in an browser (not in mobile app)
  • Then click on Find Friends icon
  • And click on View  Sent requests
  • It will show  all friends you sent requests.

How to Reach other side Facebook inbox :

Facebook "Other Inbox" mean the inbox that will all spam messages get by your profile . if facebook thought that it's an spam message , it will directly delivered to the Other inbox. and those messages will wait for approval of same profile person.

Where can we find Other Inbox in facebook. follow the steps to reach the Other Inbox.
  • Open Messanger App in your Android Mobile
  • Then login in to your Profile
  • Then click on Me option present at right bottom to the screen
  • And then go to the People Section
  • Select Message Requests Option
  • Click the link called "See Filtered Messages"

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How to play secret football games :

It's pretty crazy thing that we can play football game in facebook Messanger app , it's very simple and easy trick. please follow steps to play the game in your Messanger.
  • Open your Messanger app in your Android Mobile
  • Then select one friend to play secret football game
  • Send Football Emjoy to that friend
  • After few seconds click on Emjoy you sent to your friend
  • Then enjoy secret football game  in your Mobile.

Conclusion :

Facebook tips and tricks are very crazy things that wrote here to get you all people to make you happy . these facebook tips and tricks are known somewhat to some people .

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