Friday, July 28, 2017

How to get free Lynda courses without premium account

July 28, 2017

Can we get free lynda courses in :

free lynda courses

Hi friends i am here to solve your problem with my answer about can we get free lynda courses with out paying any single penny to the

If i say yes for that question, lot of people will think that those are irrespectable words. but my answer is "yes" becuase lynda was offering a great thing, that we can also get free lynda courses.

I will explain clearly about how to get free lynda tutorials by creating free lynda account in a few simple steps.

Why lynda offering free lynda courses :

please skip this if you're not intrested to know about why lynda offering "free lynda courses".

Before we are going discuss about creating free lynda account we have to know about why lynda was offering free lynda training .

Lynda website was linked will all the library organisations to get access of all lynda tutorials in the lynda website .

So all library organisations are providing library cards for every local citizen who are intrested in library  cards. some of the organisations are kept the application form in online .

Now we have to create fake library card to access free lynda courses. i will discuss the process need to get the library card for non-locals to get free lynda account.

please follow the stes below to get library card.

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Get free Library card:

They there is display of bio data form to fill all your details for getting library . but they won't provide library card becuase you are not a local citizen for that library. so you need to use fake USA person details to get free library card.

You don't know the details of local citiziens of that library the better way to get the fake USA details is getting details from some fake details generator website.
  • Then you have to fill all the detail will fake details( better to use fake name generator )website.
Then after filling all details in that form except email address. becuase they will send one mail to you  for confirm your identity .

Don't worry about mail confirmation, there is an alternative way to confirm you identy with fake email address with the help of temp mail .
  • It will ask email address also , better you have to use Temp mail for comfirm application message.
After compleating filling all the details, you need to click the apply button for applying to Lybrary Card for free lynda courses.

Then it will take you to Barcode area, then( you have to copy the barcode some where else becuase it is your username for loging for lunda account ) you copy and paste it in the blank area to create new PIN (  here PIN means password ) and click next button.

Then new page will appear to create new PIN ( Password )  for you Barcode( Username ). now you got your Library Card to access you free lynda courses in Lynda.
  • Now to to
  • Then click on Sign in , now login window will appear.
  • Then click on Sign in with Organization portal
  • Then type "" in that area
  • Now login with your Barcode and PIN
After that it will ask your email for first time  , skip that thing by clicking lynda Logo on top right  of Lynda website.

Now you sucessfully got created free lynda account .

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Conclusion :

Creating and access to free lynda courses is very simple, now you know how to create free lynda account .

Now you are the master to get access to all lynda courses in lunda premium account.

So , i will discuss some more tricks in further posts , stay tuned for new updates.
comment me how you feel when you got free lynda account by reading this article and also about which post i have to do in next article.

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