Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to make money from facebook $20 per day

July 25, 2017

Is make money from facebook is simple:

Hi friends , thanks for landing to this page to know how to make money with facebook, first we have to make sure that make money with facebook is simple or not . ya you are in the right place to know the all things that are related to generate money from facebook.

When you are start thinking about earn money from facebook online is good thing also simple thing but we need only time and intrested mind, if you have these both qualities then you are eligible to earn money from facebook .

All the people talk about getting money with facebook fan page , there are lot of ways to earn money from facebook one of the method is make money with facebook fan page.

I will crearly explain what is facebook fanpage and also how one can make money from it.

People who are started an Facebook fan page will defenetly earn money from facebook , but they need some stategy to earn money fastly and quickly .

Everyone will start facebook fan page but don't all the people will get money fastly from facebook . their stratery will decide that one can make money with facebook or not . and also it is based on how smart he was doing his work.

Earn money from facebook is an simple thing when you do smart work, facebook is like a sea and people in facebook are fishes , and facebook fanpge is like a food shop for fishes in sea , if keep the best food in your facebook fanpage  , all fishes will come to your shop.

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What is facebook fan page and how can we earn money ::

Facebook fan page is same as like an facebook profile but you can earn money from facebook fan page it looks like below image.

facebook fanpage

In the above image the numbers indicate some properties of facebook fan page
those are :
  • 1->you can post any thing you want like images ,videos and much more.
  • 2->here you can add button like message and also contact for your fan page.
  • 5->here you can discribe about you page to attract more followers.
  • 6->this indicate likes got by the Facebook fanpage. 
Here we saw how fan page look like but how we can make money with facebook is the main point we have to discuss , posting and images and videos in your page is the way to make money with  your fan page.

Getting increasing your likes and followers of your fan page will make sence to make money from facebook fan page , here the question rises about how one can earn  money from only getting likes and followers .

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How Fan page likes and followers will get paid you:

Suppose if you got a Famous Facebook fan page and it got likes of 50,000 and also followers of 50000 here you can earn money by promoting a great produts from , Clickbank and other affliciates .

Affliciates what are affliciates , affliciates is a program of promoting someones products in your website or facebook fanpage and get paid of their commission form their products.

Ex:- if you are promoted one product like Laptop in your facebook fanpage it costs 2500$ , someone come and see that product in your fanpage and get buy of that product you will paid 10% commission from that products.

There are lot of affliciates like , clickbank and many other affliciates in online.

But you have to build your fan page with a lot of likes and followers it's an simple trick for the people who work samrtly in their own way .
and same as this we can also pomote produts in facebook groups , but it doesn,t generate more money from facebook .

So i will explain how to create an money making facebook fanpage and also how to attract people to get more likes and followers to earn more money from facebook .

And also i will discuss how to create an affiliate programs and many other earning tricks and tips from facebook and other ways stay tuned for new posts


Making money from facebook is a simple for the people who will try to do their work with joy but not for the people who feel to earn only the money .

so guys we will see the next post on creating facebook fan page and comment me on which topic you can create fanpage , i will explain is it fine or not for make money from facebook.

see you in the next comment and in the nextpost .

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