Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Make money using whatsapp in 4 ways

July 26, 2017

How people make money using whatsapp:

make money using whatsapp
Hi friends ! advanced happy whatsapp earning, are you crazy about make money using whatsapp . here is the right place to earn money through whatsapp .

People who have strong destination to make money online whatsapp, are right persons for this thing . earning through whatsapp online very easy method .

For this prossess of make money through whatsapp  you have to create one whatsapp account and after that , you have to create some groups on some topics like celebrities, gods , sports, tips and tricks .

After that the only thing you all need to do is increase group members in their respective groups .

Ways of make money fast with whatsapp:

  • Shorten links
  • AffIliates
  • Pay per downloads
  • Refferal apps

Shorten links:

Shorten links is the best meathod for earn through whatsapp online . and also easy method for people who don't have time to spend online.

By this method you can easily earn minimum of 5 $ per day .
suppose if you got 5 groups in your whatsapp account with 200 people in one group .if you send minimum of 3 messages per day in every group you you will earn approxymetly 10$.

But how can you earn 10$ by only seding this messages . by the means of your messages you wil display ads when someone clink the messages , by only converting them in to short links .

Follow the steps to shorten you links :

  • First you have to go to the wesite call
  • And register for your new account
  • Then select the best post in any website and copy it's link
  • Then paste it in website to make short of that link
  • Post the link to all the groups in your whatsapp account
  • And enjoy the money generated by clicking links you send to the people
 Register directly by clicking the below banner.


Affiliate is the great and the best meathod for making more money from any kind of source like facebook, whatsapp, Blogging .

Many of the Bloggers also earn their majority Income from Affiliate Marketing if you got sucess in getting more active users of whatsapp mwmbers you are already in the way of make money using whatsapp.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but making money from promoting products from great websites like, Clickbank and flipkart etc....

By the way of promoting the product they give you an Tracking ID for your products which will track all the products which you are promoted. If someone one got purchase something through your affiliate link you can get paid 10% for product.

ex: if you promote an product worth 1000$ and someone will get purchase through your link yo wll get paid 100$ for your commission.

some websites like amazon assosiates , flipcart associates, snapdeal assosiates.
i will crearly explain how to create an affiliate account in the next post stay tuned.

Pay per Download:

This is also best method to make money using whatsapp. by this method you will get paid for Downloads that you are promoted in the whatsapp .

There are many website that will offer money for downloads. some of the website are
These are some websites that will pay for downloads, at the same moment one question will arise about paying money for downloads that is "why those websites are paying us for downloads ?".

The perfect answer for that question is,  those websites they won't pay money for free . becuase we use those websites for uploading our files in to that server. and then when we are using those websites to download the same files from that websites, so  they firstly display serveys before downloads and they also get paid by serveys.

You approx earn 800$ - 900$ per 1000 downloads


This also the same methos as like affiliate but it won't pay you commission but it will get some money for you racharges and all other currency.

You know that now a days lot of apps were doing great in app market . some of them are paying money for refferals . promoting that refferal links in the whatsapp group is also a great thing for make money using whatsapp.


make money using whatsapp groups is pretty good thing to earn 20$ - 30$ per day . and it also enables someone to get  financial free .

i will say one thing for every person working hard is better that working smart . there are many other ways to earn money , i will crearly explain all the other methods  in the further post and if you have any doubts regarding any money earning ways please comment.

if you feel this post is helpful and also who are intrested to start these methods , please share you feelings about earning money.

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